WordPress GDPR v1.8.6

The All in One WP GDPR Solution. We compiled the best GDPR Plugin out of all. Do not rely on multiple Plugins – get the Ultimate One.

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Hotel Master v3.12 – Hotel Booking WordPress Theme

Hotel Master is the best hotel, resort, room reservation WordPress theme. It comes with the best room booking system. The system allows users to browse available rooms easily. In the middle of booking process, user can also change the parameter or re-choose the room smoothly with ajax feature so no page refreshing!
Demo: http://themeforest.net/item/hotel-master-hotel-booking-wordpress-theme/11032879https://www90.zippyshare.com/v/lrDMtY1r/file.html

Fitness Trainer v1.3.1 – Training Membership Plugin

Just install and use it. The plugin will create all necessary pages, email template and settings on the plugin installation.

Demo: https://codecanyon.net/item/fitness-trainer-training-membership-plugin/19901278

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Tips On How To Uninstall Chromium Malware

It is very rampant everywhere, that program developers bundle their adware for profit making, and sometimes you might fall a victim when installing new software. During the installation, it might cost you more than what you expected. Likewise, Chromium malware is a pretty popular option for roguish developers, it is always organized to look like a real deal, so be careful not to be fooled. In that regards, if you want your system to be safe to use, you have to remove it from your PC. So if you are finding it hard to uninstall Chromium malware, this articles will help you greatly to successfully uninstall Chromium malware but before we look at that, let’s first consider the meaning of “Chromium“. Chromium is practically known as the Google open-source browser project, used as the basis of Google Chrome. Chromium malware came to be after the project because we realized that some malicious developers use that code to create fake Chrome web browsers. They will organize it in a way that they will have their name, and it will just be a resemblance of Chrome on the surface. Have in mind that this is not designed to benefit the interest of its users. One funny thing they normally do is to set your home page and default search engine to match a site that generates income once you use it. If you are actually a Windows novice, you can easily be fooled. Again they may also infect settings in other browsers, or infect your Chrome installation with rogue third-party extensions. Are you aware that you can install this driver accidentally? Oh yes, you can do that from a browser pop-ups, or they might come alongside with other software. Below are some vital tips that can help you uninstall a Chromium.

How To Uninstall Chromium

In case you really want to uninstall Chromium, there are various ways to do that, but in this article, we will deliberate on the major ways to do that which is to “End Running Process And Attempt Uninstall.”

End Running Process And Attempt Uninstall:

To start learning how to uninstall Chromium malware all you have to do is to check if the software is running because we discovered that some stubborn malware will continue running on the background even when you close it. The main purpose of this is to stop you from uninstalling it. Open your Task Manager on your Windows PC by clicking the Ctrl + Shift + Esc. Once that is done, you will see the list of running processes and app, search for Chromium or Chrome.At this juncture, select an unwanted process and click on Delete. In case it doesn’t close kindly right-click the process and select End task. If it insists, head to the next step because you will need extra software to deal with the problem. If the software closes, you can begin uninstalling the malware. If peradventure you are making use of Windows 10, hit Win + X Settings before choosing Apps in the screen that appears. Look for the name of the malicious molested in the app. And select uninstall. With that, you have successfully uninstalled the Chromium

Norebro v1.4.2 – Creative Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Norebro is a carefully crafted flexible and high performance multi purpose WordPress Theme for personal and corporate use. It comes with the most popular page builder WordPress Visual Composer. Create gorgeous pages and layouts fast and easy without coding.
Demo: https://themeforest.net/item/norebro-creative-multipurpose-wordpress-theme/20834703https://www48.zippyshare.com/v/vUNdydtJ/file.html

Businex v1.0 – Corporate Business Bootstrap4 Template

Businex – Corporate Business Bootstrap4 Template is a stunning website template designed for Business Agency, Corporate agency, Business Finance, Financing Investment service website.
Demo: https://themeforest.net/item/businex-corporate-business-bootstrap4-template/23716767https://www26.zippyshare.com/v/sKRB4ZpF/file.html

PixelYourSite Pro v7.0.5.2

Manage your Facebook Pixel with just a few clicks, like thousands of other on-line business owners.

Demo: http://www.pixelyoursite.com/facebook-pixel-plugin

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Download Instagram Videos with these Tested & Working Apps for FREE

To Download Instagram Videos is what many users get obsessed with when they watch or find a stunning beautified video on Instagram. Especially, a video from a model, Fitness guys, and motivational videos. These types of videos are vastly available on Instagram today. Users like these videos so much but the problem is they can’t download it from the Instagram app because there is no option available to directly save the video on phone to watch offline. And there is nothing wrong with, Instagram just caring about the privacy of its user.Officially, it’s not allowed to download Instagram videos from the app without taking the grant permission from the video publisher. But to make it happen, you need to follow a different path. There are some working Instagram video downloader apps that can instantly help you to save the video file on your phone. And you will be able to watch it offline anytime, anywhere. So, without wasting any time, let’s get straight to it. In this article we talk about:

Download Instagram Videos with tested & working Apps

In the environment of apps for downloading Instagram videos, there are a lot of fake apps which are getting most of the download on the play store for downloading the Instagram videos but doesn’t work at all. We have found the working ones after short research and that’s what we are going to list here. So, here are the Instagram video downloader apps that working right now:

1. Quick Save

In this hectic world, we don’t have much time to spend on a particular thing because we also have other things to complete in a day. Quick Save is well capable of easing the video & image downloading from Instagram and can minus you a lot of time-consuming. With this, you can quickly download Instagram videos & Image on your phone and can enjoy offline. Quick save also allow editing images after saving from Instagram on your phone. Once you download the image, you will get a pencil icon that will open a complete image editor for you which great and you don’t have to have a specific image editor for editing. After all, Quicksave is a lite app, but it also has some great features that you are absolutely going to like. Let me show you some of its great features. Features of Quick Save:

  • Inbuilt Image editor option that can edit saved Images from Instagram.
  • Save any size video from Instagram, it can easily convert in the video for you.
  • Quickly download any video from Instagram.
  • 9 GRID image option.
  • Get Quick Save

    2. FastSave for Instagram

    FastSave is the most downloaded app for saving Instagram videos and images. It has around 10 Million+ download on the official Android App store. And it’s very similar to Quick Save because it also provides similar facilities like fast video downloading, quick image view, etc. Features wise, FastSave for Instagram has more to offer compared to Quick Save app. With FastSave, you can download multiple photos & Videos on your offline and can enjoy offline. Moreover, its interface is quite attractive and simple. Any user can easily use it to download media files from the Instagram social media app. You can also Repost the video using this app itself, you just need to copy the link>Paste it on the app to get available the file to download, edit & publish after complete download. That’s it. To elaborate it, below are some of its eye-catching features. Features of FastSave for Instagram:

  • Save Multiple photos and videos.
  • Fast download speed.
  • Beautiful Dashboard to manage quick saved photos and videos.
  • Amazing photo views with Slideshows and more.
  • Repost, Share, Delete photos and videos from FastSave App.
  • Batch Save photos and videos in your phone offline.
  • View quick saved stories in a bar at top of the main screen.
  • Get details of users by long press on saved photo and video.
  • Hide your saved photos and videos Instant save to secret locker.
  • Get FastSave for Instagram

    3. IV Saver Photo Video Download for Instagram & IGTV

    Another great app that provides services to download video & images from Instagram and IGTV. IV Saver has a great interface and easy UI which anyone can understand. Using it for downloading Instagram videos & images will give a pleasant. And you are going to like it so much because it provides really good features and tool to save videos and images from Instagram & IGTV. Even you can see any post details like Hashtag, captions, etc. Also, you will not see any difference between Instagram image and the downloaded one because it downloads the exact file without filtering or compressing. Overall, it is also one of the best Instagram video downloaders that you should absolutely try if you are looking for a very simple app. Below are some of its hot features. Features of IV Saver: 

  • Simple UI for viewing saved images & videos.
  • Ability to download multiple files from Instagram at once.
  • Download the exact file that you see on Instagram.
  • Get the hashtag and other videos/image details saved with the downloaded video.
  • Get IV Saver

    4. Instant Save

    Instant Save is created and published by Amal Paul and his main motto behind creating this app is to let users save video & images from the Instagram social media app. The app is well capable of downloading the exact video & images from Instagram and it is not like most of the other Instagram video & image downloader who saves low-quality images due to weak firebase. With this, you can download any video and images available on Instagram regardless of its size. Also, it has an awesome feature that anyone can use to repost video & images. In my true opinion, it’s worth giving it a try if you are specifically looking for an HD image & video downloader for Instagram. To make it way clear for you, below I listed some of its cool features. Features of Instant Save:

  • Hassle free Copy captions from Instagram.
  • Share your favorite videos and pictures with others with ease.
  • Download videos or photos from Instagram with no reduction in quality.
  • Save videos and pictures from Instagram in your gallery to enjoy offline.
  • Easily Repost on Instagram.
  • Get Instant Save

    5. Repost Instagram & Video Downloader

    This app doesn’t necessarily need an explanation because its name is pretty much clearing its nature and features. Well, Repost Instagram is very famous for its ability to download videos from Instagram and repost it without letting others know about it. No one can doubt if you repost a video on Instagram using Repost Instagram app. It basically helps make little changes to video & images such as title, hashtag, etc. And this way, Instagram can’t be able to identify the differences and you will be able to get likes and loads of comments on your Repost post.To put its features and quality in your hand and let you understand it, below I listed its main features. Features of Repost Instagram & Video Downloader:

  • Use it without making an account or signing up.
  • Download pictures and Repost on Instagram IGTV without letting others know.
  • Save videos and pictures from Instagram in your gallery to watch offline for forever.
  • Just required 3 steps to download any video & image from Instagram.
  • Share your favorite videos and pictures with others instantly.
  • Get Repost Instagram & Downloader

    How to Download Instagram Videos using Apps?

    As you now know that there is no support available officially to save or download videos and images from the Instagram social media app. You basically can’t legally download and use for commercial purpose without taking the permission from the publisher of the particular video or Image. And if you do that, your Instagram account may go banned or you will need to face the punishment of law-breaking. The best opportunity we have to download or save video & images from Instagram is to use such free apps that are available on the Google Play Store. Those apps are legal and that’s why Google didn’t have removed them from their store. Even more, you can not only download video & images from Instagram, but you can also Repost using these apps. Most of the apps that I recommend you above provides the facility to do it. So, what you are waiting for? Just download & Install any Instagram video & image downloader from above and start saving your eye-catching videos and images from Instagram. And Repost it if you want, you will barely face any problem if you just use the smart filter feature of the apps.Hopefully, you liked this article on Instagram Video downloaders apps? If so, can you just share it on social media to help others who want to also download video & image from Instagram? Do that in return if you find this article helpful. I’ll see you in the next one.

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