All You Should Know About Reverse Phone Lookup In Nigeria

Have you ever seen a phone number on your mobile device without knowing the owner? Trust me when I say you do not have to bother your head about this. All you need is a reverse lookup platform that will let you know who owns it. This will help to reveal the identity of the face behind the number.There are very good lookup platforms that will show you the precise location of the person. They will display the name and address boldly for you to see.In several cases, this software will not cost you anything, however, we have a few sites that will need you to part with cash if you want to make use of their reverse phone lookup system. The price will not be expensive if you are looking for a landline owner. If it is a mobile number, the price could be costly.You Might Also Want To Read: How To Change Screen Timeout Duration On All Huawei Phones

How Does Reverse Phone Lookup Service Work?

It is simple to understand the process. Simply adhere to the instructions below:

  • Launch a Reverse Phone Lookup Service software like, NumLookup and so on, or check online for several free services.
    2. Head to the “Search” option.

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  • Enter the phone no in the search option tab.
  • Press OK.
  • Now the service provider will check its database for the phone number and reveal the details of the user on the screen.
  • If the person does not look familiar, just block the number.

READ ⇒How To Change Your Twitter Username On Your Computer And Phone?Even if some websites make this happen in Nigeria, the fact is that this is not a reliable service here. You will most likely not see the precise location or the name of the person. A few of them will only give you the individual’s local time, time zone, and nothing else.In Nigeria, a reverse lookup is mainly useful to know the location of a landline. It might not show you the precise location, but it will surely reveal the town or area. This is the best way to know the local code or zip code of any landline.So, has anybody called you with a landline and you are clueless about who the person is? Use any of the reverse lookup websites you know to see who the person is.

Design Like a Pro With These 5 Best Painting Software for Mac

As a digital artist or painter, you’ll want software that can give you powerful features to produce top-notch digital paintings. There was a time when there were only few graphics program but over the years, more software have come on the scene making it hard to choose to best. Even at that, these software keep improving by adding more features that make painting easier and faster. Here in this post, you’ll find 5 best painting tools for Mac that will make you accomplish your dream of painting great works.

Best Painting Softwares for Mac

1. Adobe Photoshop

Photoshop reigned as the best digital art software for a long time but with the competition from other software, it is being challenged. This has however not stopped it from offering great features and its latest release buttressed that. The update brought about tons of new features and improvements. Photoshop belongs to the Adobe Creative Cloud suite and this makes it easy for you to share assets across all your devices. You can make Photoshop more functional by adding plugins and the software boasts of an impressive library of plugins for use.Download

2. Affinity Designer

If you’re looking for a painting software for Mac that will serve you without you paying for a subscription, then go for Affinity. You can get the app by paying a one-time fee. One great thing about Affinity is that it is developed with end-users in mind. This makes it easy to use and learn and tools can be accessed easily. The solution it provides is top-notch and it will meet your design needs. Create anything graphics like illustrations, icons, branding materials, printing projects, mockups, and more with Affinity Designer. Another unique thing about the software is that supports non-destructive operations.Download

3. Krita

Krita is a tool for painting useful for professionals and even amateurs. It was developed by a group of artists who has every class of artists in mind. Krita is popularly used for creating comics and manga though you can also use it for any kind of drawing and illustration. Included in this painting software are panel templates, halftone filters, and perspective tools in addition to the usual brushes, fills and pens. Each brush can be customised to suit your taste and you can save your customised brush for later use. Krita was made by artists and other artists can use as it possesses features that makes painting to be done with ease.Download

4. Clip Studio Paint

If you are manga art or comic artist, then Clip Studio Paint will do the job for you. It gives you that natural and traditional feel in digital drawing and painting package. The advanced pen pressure detection let’s your pen strokes come out looking natural and realistic. There are two versions of the app – Pro and Ex versions – with the latter containing more advanced features at a more expensive price point. There are various tutorials available that can make you grasp Clip Studio Paint as an artist.Download

5. AutoDesk Sketchbook

AutoDesk is one of the best when we talk about the best drawing softwares available. What we like about it is that it is now free to use. Every designer, illustrator, or animator can make use of Sketchbook to produce amazing art that will make everyone marvel. It’s UI is clean and minimalistic. Let your creativity come to life with Sketchbook’s black piece of digital canvas. With its numerous feature, you can boast of a program that can take care of your design needs. These features include more than 140 designer brushes, support for unlimited layers, blending modes, grouping of layers, and more.Download

5 Best Painting Software for Linux

Painting has been in existence for a long time and it’s not going into extinction anytime soon. Computers are now making paintings more digital which means painting can be done on a computer and even printed. With the use of powerful software, graphics painters can create amazing works. That said, these software are popular on Mac and Windows but they also exist for Linux. In this post, we’ll unravel 5 of the best painting software for Linux

Best Painting Software for Linux


GIMP is an acronym for GNU Image Manipulation Program. GIMP is free to download and is useful for a digital artist who has an Ubuntu or Linux  machine. Beginners as well as experts can benefit from the application’s powerful graphics features. So whether you are a novice or expert, the software will bring those design ideas to life. In short, it is meant for everyone. With plugins, you can extend the functionalities of GIMP. These additions will make your GIMP a more powerful software. You can more than just editing a photo or redesigning it with GIMP.Download

2. Krita

In Krita, you have a modern and fully-fledged online painting software for professionals. Written in Python and Ruby, you can use Krita to make paintings and graphics in almost all image formats including PNG, JPEG, TIFF, XCF, PSD, GIF, BMP, and more. It is free with an open source license. Even without configurations, it is still powerful enough to do what you want it to do. Krita shares some similarities with GIMP, but with more features. TechRadar says Krita is the best painting software of 2019.Download

3. Inkscape

Inskscape is an open-source graphics program that you can install on your Linux machine. It is a great editor for graphic artist. Though it may not have the most beautiful interface, it has features that are powerful enough to meet your needs. It is a good alternative to Adobe Illustrator and if you feel like using Illustrator to edit at some point, you can export your project in Illustrator file format and later on import it to Illustrator. Other export format options are SVG format, SVGZ, LaTeX, and POV-Ray. Extensions are available that allows you to get your file saved in PDFs, EPS, and so on.Download

4. MyPaint

A free and open-source cross-platform raster graphics software for Linux, MyPaint offers features that help you create digital paintings. It is more focused on this than image manipulation or post-processing. It is an app for creating professional digital artworks and is similar to Corel Painter. Loaded in the painting software is a simple, clutter-free interface, a configurable brush tool, support for Wacom graphics tablets, and brushstroke intensity and many more.Download

5. Karbon

Other names for this open-source vector drawing software are Karbon 14, Kontour, and KIllustrator. It is one of the best apps for drawing on Linux. If you are a digital artist that want to try his hands on vector graphics, try Karbon. It allows you to work on shapes and texts also. It is easy to import SVG images and edit them. Varieties of tools are available which include gradient tool, path shape tool, pencil tool, calligraphy tool, and so on. The user interface is one that’s great and customizableDownload

5 Best Eye Care Software For Linux: Protect Your Eyes

We are in a time where we spend long hours in front of our computers. This is so because computers are now changing the way we work. No doubt this is good, but spending time on our devices can cause some health hazards in which eye problem is one. Too much exposure to rays from our computer monitor can lead to eye strain which can cause headache and disturbed sleep patterns. Developers have recognized this problem and have made software to address it. We’ll be discussing in this article 5 software to help protect your eyes.

Best Eye Care Software For Linux

1. F.lux

F.lux works as an eye care software that adjusts the display in accordance with the time pattern of the day. It’s bright in sunlight during the day and appears warm at night. It is a free software and has features that make the screen gentle on your eyes. Using the app is simple. You just need to set your Linux to the kind of environment or lighting you are in and F.lux knows what to do. It will make your screen look and conform to the lighting of that environment.Install

2. Safe Eyes

Safe Eyes is an open-source and free to use. It is rich in features and beautiful in the interface. It is an eye Care software that shields the eyes from problems by reducing and preventing Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI). It does this by giving you alerts to take breaks at intervals. Some of the features that makes Safe Eyes standout are the ability to tweak its appearance using CSS and native notifications, expansion with plugins, not bothering you when you’re on full screen while working with an app.Install

3. Redshift

Many like Redshift for its eye Care features that offer protection to vision. The display output is regulated by the time of the day. By the help of the app, a user can get used to the display color temperature between day and night. It offers productivity in the care of the eyes. It helps the eye long-term. You become less prone to Insomnia because of its mode of caring for the eye. It is capable of balancing with the room’s lighting and keeps the color temperature 3000-4000k at night and 5500-6500k during the daytime.Install

4. Blueshift

Blueshift is similar to Redshift. It is open-source software with expansion and customization options. It helps regulate your screen brightness and color temperature. This will, in turn, make your screen bluer and sharpen your focus. The app helps to prevent insomnia thereby enhancing the quality of your sleep. Some notable features the software packs support for curve operations over linear CIE xyY; RGB to facilitate better accuracy of modification filters; and a Direct Rendering Manager that modifies the color of the monitor.Install

5. Iris

Iris is a nice-looking app for eye protection. What it does is that it adjusts your monitor brightness and color temperature to be in sync with your environment. It does this automatically using 3×9 preset combinations. The screen brightness of the monitor is controlled by the app without PWM. It also improves sleep by regulating the blue light throughout the day. It has some premium features which include, the ability to create your own presets, set transitions and an easy to use user interface.Install

How to Update Software Directly on Apple Watch in watchOS 6

Before, updating watchOS on an Apple Watch required an iPhone via the Watch App. However, with the introduction of the new watchOS 6, Apple Watch users can now update the software of their Apple Watch directly without having to use an iPhone. Read on to learn more.This way is much more convenient than the way it was. As of now, watchOS 6 is still in beta, and it is expected to be released to the public later this year probably during fall. So in this guide, I will show you how you can update the watchOS on your Apple Watch without having to use an iPhone.

How to Update WatchOS Software Directly on Apple Watch

Before you proceed with this guide, there are a few things you need to make sure are in place.

  • Make sure that you have at least 50% of battery power on your Apple Watch before you proceed to update.
  • Do not remove or restart your charger while the update and installation process is going on.
  • Make sure your Apple Watch stays connected to Wi-Fi and that it doesn’t get stuck in between the update.

Once these things are in place, proceed to follow the steps below.

  • First off, go to the settings app on your Apple Watch.
  • Next, tap on the General option and then tap on Software Update. Your watch will begin to search for available updates.
  • If the watchOS update is available, tap on the Download and Install option.
  • After the update has finished downloading on your watch, tap on Install.
  • Next, tap on Proceed.
  • That is all! Just as I mentioned before, make sure that you have at least 50% of battery power before you begin the installation process. This will prevent the installation process from stopping and causing an unnecessary fuss.Also, in case something goes wrong and you want to downgrade the software, well, this isn’t going to be possible. Once you have installed watchOS 6, you will not be able to downgrade it by any means. The best possible solution is to visit the closest Apple Store and try your luck. They might or might not do it. I’m not sure!Let us know in the comments below right away if you encounter any issues. Also, make sure to leave feedback in the comments.

    A 18-Year-Old Hacker Found Bugs In School Software Affecting 5 Million Records

    At the Defcon hacker conference in Las Vegas, the 18-year-old Bill Demirkapi presented his findings after doing three years of research on two software which were being used by his school for education and other purposes. He was able to discover a loophole in the software which could allow a hacker to gain access to data of 5 million students.Bill Demirkapi found vulnerabilities in the two software. This two software was developed by Blackboard and Follet. The security flaw found in the software developed by Blackboard could be used by a hacker to gain access to  5 million records of students and teachers including student grades, immunization records, cafeteria balance, schedules, cryptographically hashed passwords and photos.Bill disclosed the vulnerability found in the two software to the tech companies who created the two software. After knowing the bug, both the tech firms fixed the flaw and confirmed that the security bug found in their software was not exploited even once and they also did not find any sign of records being leaked before.

    How did it all start?

    Bill Demirkapi started exploring the two software when he was in standard 10th standard. He used to did this due to boredom and curiosity that he possessed about cybersecurity. He said, “I have a passion to, I guess, break things. I really wanted to learn about web application testing, so I thought, well, how cool would it be to test on my own school’s grading system?”.Besides doing all these, he also used his technical knowledge to exploit the college admission software developed by Follet. He changed his admission status from “pending” to “accepted”.Bill also said that when he tried to contact the tech firms to tell about the bugs which he discovered while exploring the school software developed by them, the company didn’t take seriously and ignored his claims. So, to grab the attention, he decided to do something else related to hacking which would prove that he is not lying or making fun of anything.He created a group resource in his school’s account in the Follet’s software and sent a push notification to everyone in his school using the Follet’s software. The push notification included a message in which he wrote, “Hello from Bill Demirkapi 🙂”. He was suspended for 2 days after getting caught by the school authority.Bill also made a decision of applying for a job in Blackboard tech company for the post of a new chief information security officer. But, later he dropped this idea and joined the college for further studies.

    How Do I Update OnePlus Software On My OnePlus 7 Pro?

    Are you a OnePlus phone owner? To be precise, do you use a OnePlus 7 Pro device? Then you must already know that OnePlus have a proper software update team and their most recent phones receive the latest features and security patches as soon as they are released on Google Pixel phones.However, in a few cases, those updates can still take some time to reach you, so you might be thinking of how to update OnePlus software immediately it is rolled out. And this tutorial is here to help with just that.Most times, OnePlus will share an official announcement of a fresh update to Oxygen OS and then incrementally release that update. Due to this norm, you might get an update notification on your device days or even weeks after the software actually gets released.Fortunately, it is simple to update OnePlus smartphones with the most recent version of Oxygen OS without having to hold on for the company to push the notification to you. It requires more effort from you though, but if you are the kind of customer that want the most recent updates as soon as possible, you have to know how to make that happen.

    How Can I Update OnePlus Software?

    Fortunately for you, there is an easy way to update OnePlus phones with the most recent Oxygen OS software without the need to search online for a ZIP package: the Oxygen Updater application. This 3rd-party app downloads the most recent Oxygen OS updates on your behalf and will guide you on how to install them on your device.You Might Also Want To Read: What To Do If Notifications Arrive Late On OnePlus 7 and 7 PROOxygen Updater will cost you nothing and it supports ads. You will have to part with cash to get rid of the advertisement though. It downloads completely-signed update packages straight from OnePlus.The software packages cannot be corrupted, therefore no need to panic. To begin, download Oxygen Updater on your OnePlus device by heading to the Google Play Store. As soon as you have installed the application, launch it and adhere to these instructions:

  • You will be shown a welcome page when you launch the app. Read every page and scroll to the left until you see the “Choose your device” page.
  • On “Choose your device,” choose your device from the drop-down list. The correct phone will most likely be chosen already. Scroll left.
  • A warning about root access will be visible. This should not be a cause of worry if you are not rooted, so tap close.
  • On the “Choose your update method” page, choose “Incremental update.” Scroll left.
  • A large red checkmark will be visible. You can choose to help the devs by clicking the checkbox at the bottom of the page, which instantly uploads file names. Or, you can skip this if you want. Any which way, click “Start app” when you are set.
  • You Might Also Want To Read: How To Change Screen Refresh Rate On Your OnePlus 7 Pro?Now that Oxygen Updater has been set up, you will receive push notifications when fresh updates arrive. These updates will be seen hours after they are released though but you will still be one of the very first to see it.If you launch Oxygen Updater and you see “an update is available,” adhere to the instructions shown to you to download the update.

    Firmware vs Software: what are the differences?

    If you have ever dabbled with custom ROMs or have manually installed an Android operating system update, you may have come across the term “firmware”. When flashing an operating system update, you need to create software for firmware or device-specific hardware. This difference is part of the reason it can take so long for an OEM to deploy the latest version of Android on all devices.We have not been very clear, but there is a critical distinction between firmware and software, the latter of which is probably a much more familiar term. In short, the firmware is very close to the hardware, while the software is the one that manages the firmware. Let’s explore firmware vs software a little more thoroughly.

    Firmware vs software

    Both the firmware and the software are fragments of code running in the hardware inside the phone and other gadgets. The key distinction is what they are designed to do, where they are saved and how easy they are to update and modify.
    The software is generally considered a program or piece of code designed for user interaction. It is the “highest level” of the code that allows users what they need. This could be an app on your smartphone, a widget for the home screen and just below the Android operating system itself. The software is usually written in a high-level language, like Java, with many libraries and predefined functions to facilitate development.

    Software: interactive applications that run through the hardware of a device

    Why do smartphone chips suddenly include an AI processor?

    The software works thanks to the CPU and vice versa and on other main processors, making use of RAM and flash memory to save and load the data. Another key point is that the software can be modified without having to touch the hardware, performing a simple update. With some exceptions, the software is designed to be as independent as possible from the hardware.The firmware, in comparison, is not designed to interact directly with the user. On the contrary, it is the hidden “lowest level” of code that is executed on the device. Although strictly speaking there may be different levels of firmware, so we can consider different levels of software. Instead of running on the main CPU, the firmware often runs on smaller dedicated processors for hardware components. For example, this could include a memory controller for a flash memory drive. The firmware is generally written in a low-level language, with little support for libraries as the code is highly customized for individual devices.

    Firmware: low level code that controls and configures the specific hardware of a device

    The firmware is a code that allows the correct configuration of the hardware and provides its basic functions. It is the essential backbone that ensures that the hardware works and that it is accessible from the higher-level software. The hardware that runs the firmware includes flash memory chips, CPUs and displays. Updating the firmware can be a bit more complicated since the software running depends on it. This is why it is not necessary to restart the phone after updating an app, but it is necessary when installing a major update of the Android version.The battle between firmware and software takes place inside your smartphone. In fact, the two are essential to keep things going smoothly. You will never interact directly with the firmware, but perform a series of important functions.The firmware inside the smartphone includes the code running inside the camera module. It manages the collection of images and advance processing, before delivering the data to the ISP and other processing components. Similarly, the display will also have its own microprocessor, complete with firmware, to manage color data, brightness, range, and other settings. The CPU also has its own firmware in the form of a low-level kernel to optimize activity planning, clock speeds, and power consumption.The smartphone software includes the Android operating system and therefore the running apps. So all your apps are software, including Facebook, Chrome, Gmail and Play Store.As you can see, you will interact regularly, update, add and delete the software from your device. The firmware remains firmly at work in the background.

    Best Free Word Processor Software for 2019

    The free in the title above is very important because most of us just want to open a word processor software and begin typing instead of buying it first. It is, for this reason, we are highlighting these best word processor for 2019.Not that these word processors were created in 2019, but that they have grown in reputation that in 2019 they can be said to have gained traction so much that people have been making use of them now than ever before.Also note that unless you buy a Microsoft product or use a device which already has a partnership with Microsoft, Microsoft Word isn’t entirely free. So the word processor software you will see below are totally free without any obligation on the part of those who make use of them daily. Let’s proceed with the review.In this article we talk about:

    Dropbox Paper

    The first one we like to introduce is Dropbox Paper. It is free. This is a software that the user can make use of online, and it has been offered by the online cloud storage provider.Once you have opened a Dropbox account, you can begin to use Dropbox Paper, but you have to make use of it online. People have described the interface as very intuitive and simple to use so the beginner will not be intimidated. The user interface also makes it easy for the user to add rich media such as audio, video, and images.Furthermore, Trello cards, YouTube videos, and even SlideShare Decks can be added to your workflow. What if you want to share the documents with friends online? That too is possible. Also, it is possible to embed your Dropbox documents into the work you are on at the moment. Are you looking to create a dynamic document? Dropbox is actually for you!

    Office Online

    This is a good alternative to Microsoft Word. It is regarded as the best possible free online alternative for people who so used to writing and compiling documents on Microsoft Word.However, don’t think that it is on the same level as the paid MS Word software you see on computers making use of Microsoft Windows software. This is just very good when your editing needs are basically online.With this software, you can open, create, and edit Word documents using the internet. If you have others who collaborate with you on the task, all of you can connect, access, and see updates from other people and anyone among the team can read and edit as the need may be. These actions can be taken in real time.People have also praised the Office Online for its ability to work with other platforms such as Chromebook and Linus OS. By all means, get access to Microsoft’s document editing feature without paying a dime.

    Google Docs

    The next is Google Docs. It is a word processor that allows the creation of and the sharing of documents, spreadsheets, presentations, drawings, and even forms.This is a tool which allows the user to make use of Add-ons. Trust this software to automatically save your work for which also gives the user some relief as document loss is kind of impossible. Furthermore, the user can save his or her document as a webpage if it is so desired. The user can even download or email the document as an attachment in Microsoft Word, ODT, PDF, plain text, or RTF formats. Several collaborators can also work on a single document in Google Docs, but they all must be invited by one person – the one who created the document from scratch.


    This is also a really good resource for document creation and collaborative efforts all in real time too. This is also an open source software, which means that anyone can include their skills in improving the Etherpad. Friends, fellow students, classmates, or even colleagues are finding the use of the tool very beneficial.There is no need to sign up with Etherpad to make use of these benefits. Just start a new pad and invite others to share with you in the collaborative effort. You can invite them through the internet, using an email.


    Actually, Zoho offers many free online applications, but we are interested in the Writer for the word processor. Also, as you work on the document, you can also link the Zoho account to Google and Yahoo accounts.The user interface is very simple to use because it is familiar to anybody who knows how to use Microsoft Word processor. Zoho is also good at automatically saving your work for you because as soon as you type the words, it saves them, and that means you can hardly lose your work.The user is also equipped with features such as large file transfer, desktop sync, file recovery, encryption, and much more. MS Word documents can be imported into Zoho, and the documents created can be exported to DOCX, ODF, PDF, and others. The documents created can also be published as blog posts on the internet.


    This one includes six programs in one engine. It is easy to use and extremely easy to learn if you’re a beginner. Inside of it, there is a word processor, Calc for spreadsheet, Impress for presentations, Draw for graphics, and Base for mathematical equations. The processor is so versatile that it can open PDF files without the use of a plug-in process. The benefit of this processor is immense and it can receive a facelift at any time because it is an open source project. You can make use of it on Windows 10, Mac and Linus.


    This word processor makes me remember Microsoft WordPad, but it is still totally free. However, you can upgrade to a paid version that gives you the opportunity for more fine features. Even if you make use of the free one a hundred percent, it still got you covered because it is compatible with MS Word and WordPad.The interface is ergonomic tabbed, small resource requirements, portable, supports touchscreens, and loads quickly.You can also insert images, tables, hyperlinks as you do in MS Word. It contains no ads or trial period. Use it for as long as you want for free.


    All these word processors are totally free to use and have many benefits. Sometimes a user has to be versatile by making use of several word processors before he or she can find something like a perfect fit or something close to that. Whatever your work or interest, there is a word processor of choice for you out there.

    How to copy Text from an Image on Windows PC

    Extracting texts from Tweets, articles, blogs, web pages and emails are relatively very easy to do. Unlike extracting text from an image, which is a very tedious task to do. With Optical Character Recognition Technology, text from images (photographs, magazines, etc.) can be converted to text that can be edited, shared and even translated to other languages.

    How to copy Text from an image on Window PC

    If you frequently use Chrome to surf the internet, and you need to extract text from the image on a web page, all you need to do is install a third-party extension.“Project Naptha” is a very good and reliable extension. It applies computer version algorithms on every image you see while you browse the web. With Project Naptha, you can highlight as well as copy, paste, edit and translate texts that were formally trapped within an image.After you have Added the Project Naptha extension from the Chrome web store, on the web page you want to extract texts from, click and drag your cursor on the text contained in the image. Right-click the highlighted text to either copy the text or translate to another language.There are numerous Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software available that you can choose from that allow you to extract texts from images. Some examples include Snagit and Easy Onscreen OCR. You should also know that most of these software are not free.

    • Using Online OCR Websites

    There are also many online OCR websites that can help you get the job done if the image you want to extract texts from is available on your computer.  OCR websites allow users to upload files from their computer and convert it to text. Also, most of these OCR websites are free and users can convert extracted text to a plain text file, Excel documents, and Microsoft Word document.Online OCR’s are trusted and efficient websites you can visit to convert contents to text. All you need to do is click on “Select file” to upload the image you want to extract from. After you have successfully uploaded the file, click on “convert” button to extract the text contained in the image. After a few seconds, a link to download the extracted file in the format you want will be provided.