How Do I Find Twitter Users’ Previous Usernames?

Social media struggles to keep secrets especially when it comes to username changes on Twitter. Even when Twitter accounts have been gotten rid of, you can still know their username progressions to know what the users have been up to.Yes, it is quite hard to do this with deleted accounts, but the process is less complicated with presently active, public accounts. It will require proper hard work and learning though, so if you are not ready to put in the work, it will be difficult. However, we are here to help those that are interested in knowing How To Find Twitter Users’ Previous Usernames?:

1. Bookmark The Unique ID

Imagine a Twitter account you are trying to keep an eye on that always changes his or her username. You have been blocked so it is impossible to follow them, how do you monitor them? Well, you can simply bookmark their account’s unique ID. It is surely orientated towards the future though.It will not help you to trace username changes, but it will aid you to locate the account if the username is changed in future. This should be considered if you feel a user is up to anything sneaky. Before anything else, copy this link htt?ps:// and paste it into the address bar. Do not tap Enter yet.Now, open a different tab, head to or an identical Twitter user ID translator app, and type in your chosen user’s present username.Get the ID number the app shows you copied, and add it to the end of the incomplete URL in the address bar of the other browser tab. For instance, if the ID number is 100000000, the URL will be URL in your address bar is now complete, therefore you can hit enter. After doing that, the user’s Twitter will be visible on the screen. As soon as the user’s page appears, bookmark it, and that is that.READ ⇒How To use UBA Transfer Code & Mobile Banking *919#You Might Also Want To Read: How to fix Twitter keeps crashing issue on your Galaxy S10?

2. Conversation Reversal

We talked about the future above, how about we help those that prefer to look into the past?Anytime you search for a username on Twitter, the website could show you every tweet from that account that presently bears that username. The issue here is that every result will be visible as if they had been shared under the present username. Meaning, previous usernames cannot be seen, and so you are unable to search the replies or mentions for any former usernames you do not already know.You already know that when erring users are caught on Twitter, they will most likely change their usernames for this precise reason. Scammers are aware that people will search their replies and mentions for proof of their sins. They change their usernames because they want to keep all the complaints they’ve had in the past, hidden.But if the account is presently active and not private, and the user has not gotten rid of old tweets, username changes can be monitored via conversation reversal. Conversation reversal is just the finding of an old conversational tweet by your selected user and tapping to see the convo. The old username will be seen in tweets forming the other side of that conversation.For instance, if a @Techlector account was formerly named @Techplatform. Your tweets will be visible with the @Techlector username, but tweets sent TO him are seen as sent to his old username of @Techplatform. Therefore, you can now search the responses to @Techplatform, and that of @Techlector, to be sure he has a clean record on Twitter.READ ⇒How Do I Delete My Twitter Account?But how do you know when a username change happened for you to know which old conversation to tap? Nobody wants to tapping through several tweets randomly tapping here and there, right?Begin by searching for this on Twitter, “until:2016-03-05 to:@Techlector” Make sure these searches are done on a desktop and tap More Options > Tweets after entering your search.In several cases, the More Options > Tweets instruction will reveal key information. So, after performing your first search, are you viewing tweets? Yes. If you tap to see the conversations, are you seeing his present account? Yes. So, it is clear he was using the same username before the cutoff date in the search – 5th of March 2016.If we alter the date and go a year back, and “until:2015-03-05 to:@Techlector” does not reveal any results, then it is clear that he was not using the username @Techlector before 5th of March 2015.The username will then be established to have been carried out between 5th of March 2015 and 5th of March 2016. Just keep narrowing down the dates and you will know exactly when, and when you know when, you will see the name of the former account.

3. Dropped Link

In another situation, the previous username might be visible in plain text instead of as a link, and that will aid you to find it. However, this is not really the case. Lemme explain, if the former username does not exist anymore on Twitter, it will no longer have a link and it will be visible in plain text. You will see something like @Techlector.But if the previous username has been adopted by another user and still exists on Twitter even if it is now attached to another account, you will see something like this @Techlector.

Add security on Twitter: enable two-step authentication

Surely you want to get the maximum possible security in your Twitter account now that it has been shown that the vulnerability of this social network is high (they have hacked the company’s CEO’s own). One of the things you can do is set the authentication in two steps to, in this way, have an additional protection gateway that makes you calmer.This means that you have to take an additional step when accessing from places that are not usual, using the mobile device you have, which ensures that third parties cannot enter your Twitter account if they do not have your smartphone. It is true that it is somewhat tedious to have to take an additional step, but the security offered by this makes it advisable to use it especially if you have data that is important in the account you have and even if you give it an eminently professional use. Therefore, it is recommended.

How To Know If Anyone Muted You On Twitter?

In addition, carrying out the process is something that is included among the options that by default exist on Twitter, so you do not have to resort to third parties, which could make more than one suspect. Besides, and this is important if you are not convinced by what you have done, it is possible to reverse the situation simply by deactivating two-step authentication.

Steps to enable two-step authentication on Twitter

If you want to make use of this option offered by the company that has created the social network, what you have to do is quite simple and, as will be verified, in a matter of five minutes at most, you will get that the security of your account increases in a way exponential . This is what you have to do using the Twitter client for mobile devices:

  • Open the application on your mobile device and look for the icon of your account that is represented by the image you selected (it is in the upper left)
  • Now select the Settings and privacy option from the menu that opens
  • The next thing you have to do is choose Account – which is the first option available – and then select Security
  • A new screen appears in which you have to make use of Login verification and activate the box you will see below
  • You will have to enter your password and now you must click on Send code so that it appears on your device
  • Once this is done, you will have two-step authentication enabled on Twitter

How People Are Tweeting From Fake Devices

Have you seen the news? A “teen girl” has gone viral after she tweeted from an “LG Smart Refrigerator” when her mother took away her phone. That was fake, however, as no LG Smart Refrigerator comes with a built-in Twitter client.According to BuzzFeed News, this is just a new type of meme. People send funny tweets and they can even make them even funnier by adding a fake device name which the tweet was sent from. Doing this is actually easier than you might expect.It turns out you—or anyone else can send a tweet and make it look like you sent it from absolutely any device you want. It is quite simple: Twitter wants developers to build devices that can send tweets. As such, Twitter allows anyone to create a free developer account, create a “device,” and enter an “app name.” You can even do something as ridiculous as tweeting from a “Windows 10 Smart Toilet.”That’s pretty much it! Following through, however, is a bit more complicated as it may seem. Doing this will require you to have a Twitter client that you can provide your developer keys to. For instance, K0902 on Reddit explains a simple way to tweet from any device using a Python script. Doing this is just as simple as programming goes but just a few clicks can’t get it done.That’s how it works right now, anyway. With users beginning to use these memes even more and the knowledge of how to tweet from fake devices out there becoming more widespread, Twitter might experience a flood of new fake devices which might force them to start shutting things down.Twitter doesn’t really want people tweeting from GUCCI SmartToilets™, does it?Let us know what you think in the comments below!

How Do I Get The Old Twitter Web Interface Back?

Anytime an online app makes proper changes to its interface, we can always expect anything — and Twitter is not exempted. Its latest desktop redesign adds some elements from the look of its mobile application (an appearance that Twitter addicts do not really like.) In this article, we explore a comprehensive tutorial on how to get the old twitter web interface back.The changes are clear when you stare at the new UI. The command menu that was formerly across the top of the page is presently on the left of the feed, with huge lettering. The column displaying trends that were previously on the left of the feed is presently on the right, while the little profiles box on the upper left corner that revealed your tweets and following counts is no longer visible. To access that data, you are now compelled to check your profile page.If you want the older UI back, however, it is possible. Below is How To Get The Old Twitter Web Interface Back:

1. GoodWriter

You Might Also Want To Read: How To Fix Twitter Keeps Crashing Issue On Your Galaxy S10This is an extension brought to you by Zusor, and it can help to take your Twitter interface back to its previous appearance. It can be used for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.All that is required is for you to download the extension from Chrome’s Web Store or from Firefox’s Add-On Manager. After downloading, head to your Twitter page, if you do not see any instant change, get rid of your cache and reload the page.

2. Change Your Firefox Configuration

If you use Mozilla Firefox and you fancy doing things yourself, the exact results can be gotten by altering your browser’s configuration.

  • In the main address field, enter about:config.
  • Mozilla Firefox might caution you that you will lose your warranty. If you are cool with that, tap “I accept the risk!”
  •  Right-click wherever inside the page and choose “New” > “String.”
  • A pop-up box will be visible, asking you to “Enter the preference name,” enter “” and tap “OK.”
  • The box will then prompt you to “Enter string value” for that preference name. Enter Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.3; Trident/7.0; rv:11.0) like Gecko.
  • The line will be added to the other commands listed on the page. After loading Twitter again, you will see the older UI. (Once more, you might need to delete your cache or reboot the browser to notice any change.)If you have a rethink and decide to return to the new UI, it is easy too. Head back to about:config, right-click on the line you added, and choose “Reset.” The value of the line will no longer be visible, and the line itself will disappear the next time the browser is rebooted. Twitter will return to its new look.

    3. A Temporary Solution

    You Might Also Want To Read: How Do I Delete My Twitter Account?Lastly, if you fancy a temporary fix, there are several menu selections that will give you the old interface in any browser — until the app is reloaded. Simply launch Twitter and adhere to these sequence of commands:

  • Tap “(…) More” on the left-hand menu.
  • Head to “Settings and privacy” > “About Twitter” > “Directory.”
  • A fresh Twitter tab will open. Tap on “Home,” and you will see yourself in the old UI.
  • How To Change Your Twitter Username On Your Computer And Phone?

    Facebook will only let you change your username once every few months, and the name you go for has to be close to your real, legit name, even if rampant sobriquets will not be rejected.Twitter, though, does not have this restriction as regards usernames.It is possible to change your Twitter username every day if that is what you want, and the name can be whatever you wish it to be. It could be your real name, the name of your favorite celeb or even some random crap you just fancy.Changing your Twitter name will let you become more anonymous on the platform, it will aid you to select titles that can be easily found in searches.You Might Also Want To Read: How To Download Videos From Twitter On iPhone And iPad?But you must note, if your Twitter account is verified, changing your Twitter username will make you lose that verification badge.I don’t care about why you want to change your username, my job is to show you how to go about it below:

    How Can I Change My Twitter Username?

  • Get yourself logged into your Twitter account.
  • Tap on your Twitter avatar at the top right corner of your PC and top left corner for your smartphone. After that, tap “Settings and privacy” on the menu that is visible.
  • In the box named “Username,” just enter the new username you wish to use. If it is available, a green lettering will be visible and it will read, “Available.”
  • Then tap “Save” at the bottom of the display.
  • You Might Also Want To Read: How To Know If Anyone Muted You On Twitter?And you are done.

    How Do I Post A Video On Twitter From My PC Or Smartphone?

    How Do I Post A Video On Twitter From My PC Or Smartphone? When Twitter was unveiled 13 years ago, the developers restricted each user’s tweet to 140 characters, with spaces added to the count. 2 years ago, Twitter increased the per-tweet character count to 280, but even these more lengthy posts can still cause brevity or a message broken up over the course of a number of […] Click Link To Continue==> How Do I Post A Video On Twitter From My PC Or Smartphone?. You can COPY link if needed. TecHLecToR – Africa Tech Site – Africa Tech News, Smartphones, Computers, Product Specs & Prices, Reviews & Online Services

    What things should you not do on Facebook?

    Facebook is the most important social network in the world, at least if we make a consideration of all of them based on the presence they have in our lives, as well as the number of users they have.In this sense, we can not lose sight of the fact that it is a platform where, unlike Twitter, for example, we will be in contact with many of our relatives, friends, people with whom we share real life.It is for this reason that using Facebook also forces us to be especially careful, since otherwise we can have problems, and we want you to avoid them by teaching you a series of tips on this.

    What not to do on Facebook?

    Avoid SPAM on Facebook

    The first of the recommendations that exist in this sense is that you avoid by all means that your social network becomes a constant SPAM of the things you do since in that case you will end up tiring your followers.It is not bad that you upload a photo with your dog, your partner or on vacation, but try not to abuse the amount of daily publications, because Facebook allows other users to hide them, and you will never know that they are no longer seeing your posts.Something similar happens in case you are managing the page of a company on Facebook because again a couple of publications per day is not bad, but you must be very careful to exceed the advisable limits.

    Expose Whole Life on Facebook

    A bit in line with what we said earlier is the level of exposure of your life that you make through this social network. Remember that you can send private photos on Facebook to another person, you do not need everyone to see you in minor cloths.Also, exposing too much information can put us in danger, taking into account that if we first show the address of our home, and then comment that we will be away for several days, that could be a sign for thieves.

    Narcissism on Facebook

    While it is clear that social networks lend a little to show the things we like about us and avoid those that least convince us, we have to try to manage within certain limits.For example, in this sense, you have to bear in mind that although you can upload the photos of your last trip, it is convenient that you do not like the posts yourself, since it is something that others do not like, and It is well seen.In the same way, even if you feel completely comfortable with your image or your physical appearance, it is convenient that from time to time you publish some other content, so that they are interspersed with the passage of time.

    Opinions on Facebook

    Although it is clear that like any social network one of the main functions of Facebook has to do with each one contributing their point of view, sometimes it is better to keep it, or at least expose it in a more friendly way.In this sense, we have to say that you should try to avoid by all means the use of bad words, as well as the publication of comments that may incite violence, racism or hatred.What we are discussing applies to virtually everything from political issues to sports discussions, so we advise that if you do not like content, you should abandon it, and do not fall into these ugly customs.

    Tag Another User on Facebook

    Finally, although we know that all the previous attitudes can be annoying for other users, we have no doubt that one of the most unbearable is those who label third parties.An occasional label is not bad for some generous raffle, for example, but we know of many users who tag a huge number of contacts on Facebook and in many cases, in publications that do not even interest them.As you can see, all these recommendations have to do with common sense that we believe that most users handle, although we advise you to check your attitudes in order to corroborate that you do not fall into any of these bad practices.Which of these things that should not be done on Facebook do you usually do?